The Rock Garden

Welcome to Lummi Island, Washington situated between Orcas and Portage Islands in the Rosario Strait. Just a 10 minute ferry ride from the mainland, The Rock Garden Event Stage is the perfect outdoor amphitheater for smaller events. Suited best to about 65 guests, the venue can accommodate up to 150 people depending on the event.

Visitors to the Rock Garden tend to linger and relax as they look out upon Hale Passage, Bellingham Bay, and Mount Baker in the distance. Sunset is particularly stunning as Mount Baker turns pink with alpenglow and the moon rises above the twin sisters.

Primarily operated as an entertainment venue by Islanders for Islanders, The Rock Garden is available for some private events, including weddings on a very limited basis.


Things to know: The Rock Garden has limited/no parking so plan on walking, biking, or carpooling to the venue. We are a 1.5 mile walk/ride from the Ferry landing. Facilities are limited to portable septic and there are very few services on island. It can get cold in the evenings here so come prepared and consider a blanket in case all the seats are taken.

The Rock Garden Amphitheater, Lummi Island 2019

The Rock Garden Amphitheater, Lummi Island 2019